Meet the GRL who balances a career in law with a creative side hustle

Here at Assertion we want to shout about young, female entrepreneurs so please let us introduce you to Emma Louise Flood aka Emii Lou Ryot.

She works in the legal sector by day with a side hustle as the creative director of Ryot GRL, a make-up collective.

Emma and her friend Rosin started the business in March last year. They both worked on make-up counters throughout their time studying for their degrees.

Emma said: “We knew we wanted to continue working in beauty, but that we wanted to do something different than freelance makeup or compete in the world of Youtube or Instagram.”

Emma said that Ryot GRL began as an event based business where they found unique and difficult to buy brands and hold events so people could attend to try and buy new things.

They aim to support independent brands that are also vegan and cruelty-free while supporting make-up enthusiasts in their community.

As the name suggests it is a feminist company. They wish to focus on those who have been “dismissed because of their love of beauty, or the way they choose to present themselves.”

Their mantra on their website reads “We’re here to prove that beauty, body positivity, intelligence, and strength go hand in hand.

“We’re here for the natural beauties, the buffed, blended, and baked ones, and for those rebellious souls who would rather be known for their creativity, hard work, kindness, and intellectual contribution than for their looks. Sass before ass, if you will.”

They have taken their shop on the road to festivals and vintage fairs around the country where Emma described finding fulfillment in meeting and speaking to other small business owners and learning things they never would have otherwise.

They have designed their website to not be a simple shop but to be a place of discussion and not just of the products but also of issues affecting the Ryot GRL community.

Whether it is mental health issues, body image or relationships. Emma said: “I want it to be a platform for discussion and learning.”

But at the same time, she uses her knowledge from her job in the legal sector to enhance Ryot GRL.

She said: “people our age are kind of overlooked when it comes to legal services. As much as I don’t want to appear as the lawyer trying to be down with the kids; I think this element of Ryot GRL, called GRL Fight, is about making younger people aware of their rights and answering questions specific to their needs.

“I get asked all the time about questions relating to employment, buying a house, financial matters, business law matters and even criminal law.”

She said that she hopes that mixing this information in with a community and having a site that is relatable and cool is something she can be proud of.

Emma said: “I think everyone should have a side hustle, to challenge themselves and to have the creative freedom to call the shots and find out who they really are and what they love doing.”

However, she is glad to have a business partner who tells her when she is being unrealistic as she said she is overambitious to a fault.

After this past summer where they were running many events to the point that it got very intense; they are now changing the focus of the business to building an online community.

Emma described how she loves to work. She said: “I can’t say no to an opportunity. In my final year of university, I had four jobs, simply because I got different enjoyment out of each one.

“At any given time I’m thinking about at least 10 different ways to make either of my jobs better or more successful, and it no longer feels like work to me.”

But what she has taken from this is that when you have the passion for doing something, it does itself.

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