How a 24-year-old, video journalist who earns £31k a year spends on holiday

Statistics from the office of national statistics (ONS) revealed that millennials have been the hardest hit generation in terms of the amount of disposable income they have.

The ONS statistics show that households with a 20-something as the breadwinner have experienced the least growth in disposable income since the financial crash in 2007.

Whereas households where the main earner is 60 or over have experienced a soaring increase in their disposable income.

In 1986, a 20-something had 8 per cent more disposable income than those who were 60 and over but now they have 18 per cent less.

So here at Assertion we have decided to ask some female millennials to keep a track of their budget so we can see how they spend their disposable income.

This time we have followed Lizzie Stromme, a 24-year-old video journalist and freelance tour guide earning £31k a year, on her holiday in Berlin.

Lizzie said: “I didn’t really save up for the holiday but I’m usually quite good at living within my means. However, going to Berlin was a saving measure in itself. Being good at living within your means also means being good at scouting out opportunities so you can go places without necessarily making yourself skint at the same time.”

But she said that she does put money aside every month but that it is not always a set amount.

Lizzie said: “Everyone should at least try to have a fall back in case one get’s laid off or get an unexpected expense. It doesn’t work every month, between rent, food and paying off my student debt it’s not always easy and I miss student life of getting smashed without being at risk of going broke, but that’s adult life for you.”

She said that she reviews what she earns each month and makes plans accordingly. She said: “If I know I’m taking a week or two off I won’t be spending money on nights out or cinema. I try to buy most of my food in bulk and be clever about making meals for work.

“It’s all about knowing your income and plan after that. If you can afford to splash some money, do it and have fun! I’m just young once so I’m not that fussed but at the same time my bills and rent come first.”

As she sometimes works with her mum as a tour guide occasionally she made use of her mothers in Berlin. She said that her and her sister saved at least £400 by staying at a flat owned by someone her mother knew and just paying £50 each as a goodwill gesture.


“We arrived and took a taxi to our flat in Pankow from the airport which ended up being £25 between the two of us but then we just took a walk around and bought bread, cheese and fruity cider to drink back at the hotel.”

Total: £40


“Tuesday was my birthday so we to TV tower on Alexander Platz where we had lunch before I was tour guide for my sister while taking a stroll up Unter den Linden, one of the most well known streets in Berlin. We then treated ourselves to some fantastic Italian food at Valentino.”

TV tower: £15 for adult ticket

Lunch: £10

Travelcard: £40

Italian meal: £11

Total: £76

Photo: Lizzie Stromme Facebook


“We saved money on doing things that were free! Due to some connections we for example got into the Stasi prison in Berlin for free, which is an extraordinary and interesting place. But it is easy to do a holiday a bit cheaper if you make the effort but we focused more on fun than the money.

Food and drink: £20


“I took my sister on a stroll up one of the most popular streets in former West Berlin called Kudam. I also took her inside Kaufhaus des Westens, an expensive department store, showing her things we can’t afford. We also went into Primark which was hell.”

Primark: £10

Food: £10

Total: £20


“We went to Checkpoint Charlie and the cold war museum there. Strolled to Topography of Terror and the Holocaust monument. After that we walked to Potsdamer Platz and had dinner at Valentino before we went to cinema and saw Logan.”

Checkpoint Charlie: £10

Dinner at Valentino: £11

Cinema: £5

Total: £26


On Saturday, we went on a guided tour of Berlin on a hop on hop off bus. It was shitty weather that day so we went to shops and made dinner in.”

Hop on hop off bus: £20

Food shop: £20

Total: £40


“We went to Berlin Dungeon and strolled about the city.

Berlin Dungeon: £50, included paying for pictures.

Food: £10

Total: £60

Photo: Lizzie Stromme Facebook


“We experienced travel hell as it seemed all of Berlin was on strike. I was sat on my mac all day sorting plane tickets and travel routes. We got a train to Dusseldorf from the central station and stayed at a hotel my mum found online. Luckily, I always have extra money in my account for such events. As a guide, I’m trained to expect the unexpected and roll with the punches.”

Unexpected travel expenses: £200


“We flew from Dusseldorf to London and I was at work for 3pm.”

Holiday total: £482.

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